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Our radio show, 'The Southern California Business Report,' is on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 pm on OC Talk Radio.

With over 22 million residents Southern California is the second largest population center in the United States after the Northeastern urban seaboard. If it were a country its annual gross domestic product of over a trillion dollars would rank 14th in the world, larger than the economies of Mexico and South Korea.

As a major Pacific Rim region, Southern California is a bridgehead to the exploding global trade with our Asian neighbors. Its home to the Port of Los Angeles, the United States' busiest commercial port, the adjacent Port of Long Beach, the United States' second busiest container port, and the Port of San Diego.

On the Southern California Business Report we cover this mega region with in depth interviews with executives from those public and private companies that are on the front lines of economic growth in this area. Past shows are available by going to the OC Talk Radio home page ( and clicking on Southern California Business Report.